Fine chocolate for the discerning health-focused food lover. Hand-made in Fremantle with organic, sustainably sourced heirloom variety cacao from farming cooperatives.

Organic | Vegan Friendly | Rich Raw Ecuadorian Cacao | No Refined Sugar | Gluten Free

We now have six beautiful flavours on offer in our 70% Rich Raw Jars of Chocolate Discs - Original, Subtle Rose, Smooth Hazelnut, Wild Orange, Mint Crunch and Raspberry Crunch

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Why Reverence Chocolate

A full, rich, velvety taste & mouth-feel that gives an incredibly satisfying chocolate experience in just a few pieces. The chocolate is made each week & served in glass airtight jars to both ensure maximum freshness & quality as well as reduce waste.

It contains pure raw cacao, no dairy, no hydrolysed vegetable oils, is low on the glycemic index and naturally gluten free. This means this chocolate supports weight loss, does not spike blood sugars and is truly nourishing.

What is Cacao and Raw Chocolate

Chocolate comes from the nutritious seed from the fruit of the Theobroma Cacao Tree (‘theo’ meaning God and ‘broma’ meaning Food). The seed is collected from the sweet citrusy fruit native to Central & South America. Cacao has been used by humans therapeutically for 5 - 10,000 years.

It was only during the colonisation of the “New World” and then the surge of capitalism & the industrial revolution that the cacao bean was roasted & combined with sugar & milk powder. These factors shifted this food from a revered panacea to a social treat. The consequence of this “progress” is that many of its potent nutritional properties were, and still are, significantly diminished.

Raw chocolate is made using cacao beans that have not been roasted & processed at high temperatures. This results in a chocolate that is significantly higher in numerous natural nutritional properties. Cacao is often processed at high temperatures and solvents are often used during the extraction process.

Cacao and Nutrition

Raw chocolate contains four times the antioxidants of good dark chocolate. The specific antioxidants in cacao are Flavonoids. Primarily, this class of antioxidants both trap free radicals (corrupted oxidised cells) & reduce the risk of cells in the body, such as lipids (fats, and fats often lining the artery walls) from undergoing oxidation. The flavonoids also support the cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels)

When you consume chocolate prepared in its pure form, using high quality raw cacao beans there is increased blood flow and nutrition to the brain, heart and skin, the whole body is nourished and awareness and focus are heightened.

Cacao has the highest magnesium content of any wholefood, one of the most utilised major minerals in the body. It is high in other major & trace minerals as well as essential amino acids. Some of the more volatile brain support molecules are heat sensitive (such as tryptophan, an amino acid used to make serotonin) & destroyed when cacao beans are roasted. Raw chocolate is more potent for supporting focus, resilience & the bliss producing ability chocolate is revered for!


Willow and Catherine Francis are back in business. The renowned chocolatiers and health workers started their first brand Roar Superfoods in 2009, offering the first gourmet raw chocolate in Perth, whilst educating the health-interested Perth population. Aligned through love and chocolate, the couples passion for cacao (the un-processed foundation of all chocolate) has seen them travel the world, from Hawaii to Indonesia to Guatemala, connecting with cacao farmers and fellow chocolatiers and teaching thousands of people around the world the magic and powerful health benefits of chocolate prepared properly.

After a three year hiatus, they have realised that their love and passion still lies in sharing delicious healthy chocolate. They are excited to have launched Reverence Chocolate in January 2018, a new range of luxurious bespoke chocolate. The pair are incredibly passionate about sharing their delicious raw chocolate and the health benefits of cacao.


1Where can I buy this delicious chocolate?
Manna Wholefoods 274 South Tce, South Fremantle

Peaches Fresh Food 1-3/195 Hampton Rd, South Fremantle

Boatshed Market 40 Jarrad St, Cottesloe

Leederville IGA 313 Vincent St, Leederville

Mount Lawley Fresh Provisions 77 Walcott St, Mt Lawley

Bicton Fresh Provisions 258 Canning Hwy, Bicton

Basil's Fine Foods Shop 5, 36 Anchorage Drive, Mindarie

Hills Fresh Mundaring 7110 Great Eastern Hwy, Mundaring 6073

Hilton SupaIGA 285 South St, Hilton 6163

2What are the ingredients?
We use organic cacao powder, organic cacao butter, organic cold-pressed dark agave syrup, pesticide-free ground vanilla beans and wildcrafted food grade essences.
3What is dark agave syrup?
Agave syrup is a delicious low glycaemic inulin sweetener (11 on the GI scale as opposed to 66 for cane sugar). The agave we use comes from the Wild Maguey (Salmiana) variety of succulent. It is processed at a low temperature and vacuumed evaporated at 45 degrees. This variety contains 70 - 75% fructose unlike the Blue Webber variety which can contain up to 90%. Unlike other sweeteners that store their energy as starch, agave syrup stores it’s energy as inulin . Inulin is typically found in roots or rhyzomes. There is no starch in Agave Syrup. Inulin bypasses digestion in the stomach and small intestine and is actually digested in the large intestine. Inulin feeds the probiotic bacteria in our digestive system and has a low glycaemic index, so is a viable alternative sweetener for those with blood sugar disorders such as Diabetes. We also only use small amounts of the sweetener, much less than you would if using sugar.
That said, if you are on a strict fructose-free diet, this sweetener is not suitable for you.
4Is there any caffeine in cacao?
There is no caffeine in Cacao. There is an alkaloid called theobromine, which has a similar chemical structure that has been mistaken for caffeine in the past.

Theobromine is a very mildly stimulating cousin of caffeine and does not have the intensity or jitteriness of caffeine. The activity of theobromine is increased when the cacao beans are roasted, which is why some people find regular chocolate a little too stimulating.
5How can I attend a Chocolate Therapy Workshop?
NO WORKSHOPS SCHEDULED AT THE MOMENT. Click here to see dates and information for booking into a Chocolate Therapy Workshop
6How can I attend one of your Cacao Ceremonies?
Click here to be taken to our Cacao Ceremonies Website for information and bookings.

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